Launching the IAML Tech Evenings with Pi Campus

We are happy to announce the IAML tech talks, a series of lectures co-organized and sponsored with Pi Campus, to promote discussion on topics of wide significance and societal impact, and bringing together researchers, professionals, and policy makers to discuss the future of machine learning in Italy.

For our first event, on May 30th, we will host Silvia Chiappa from DeepMind, who is also a member of our advisory board, to discuss about fairness in machine learning and its wide importance, especially in a period in which we witness an ever-increasing amount of applications of ML in critical areas such as banking, insurance, and policy making. Silvia's work on using conterfactual analysis for identifying biases is widely recognized as some of the most influential in the field, and we are glad to have an opportunity of hosting a panel on the topic with her. The talk will be held at the Pi 6 villa in Via Indonesia 23, and followed by a networking event in the villa.

If you are interested in participating, invitations can be requested at the following link:

For our second seminar, on June 13th, we will host DeepMind's Andrea Banino to discuss the importance of machine learning and recent work in neural networks for enabling and powering scientific discoveries, with more information coming soon.

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