We believe Meetups are an incredibly powerful tool for building communities and promoting machine learning; if you already have a Meetup or if you want to start one, consider joining our network by writing us - we can help you get started, find sponsorings, and promote your events successfully.

Thanks to many members, we organize (or help in organizing and promoting) a growing network of technical communities, including:

Study Groups (Tarallucci, Vino e Machine Learning)

We organize weekly study groups in several cities (currently Padova and Verona), under the name "Tarallucci, Vino e Machine Learning", an initiative organized by Cesare Montresor. If you want to participate in a group or start one in your town, check out more information on this page or click on the logo above.


We send a monthly newsletter with updates on initiatives sponsored by us or indicated by our members, and general news about machine learning in Italy and worldwide. Check out the last emails we sent:


We organize codelabs on machine learning and deep learning technologies around Italy. To learn more about our current and past events, check out our EventBrite page:

Speaking & Mentoring

We are active speakers and mentors in Italian events on machine learning and artificial intelligence, including tech conferences, AI hackhathons, workshops, and more. Check out our home page for a selection of events we are currently active in. If you would like our help or contribution for your own ML event, contact us at

Data Driven Innovation (Rome, May 2018)

Codemotion Rome 2018 (Rome, March 2018)

Converge Conference & Hackathon (Milan, January 2018)