We are a not-for-profit organization: sponsors and donators are the financial backbone of all our activities. In exchange, sponsors obtain exclusive visibility in our website, newsletters, and in all our events. Interested? Write us to learn more. You can also support us with a small donation using the PayPal link below: your name will be added to our special thank you list!

Financial sponsors

Bimon    BeMyApp

Technical supporters

Supporters promote and support IAML in any non-financial form, from mantaining hardware to helping in the organization of events and Meetups.

CodemotionKibibit    LUISS EnLabs    Pi School

Media Partners

Media partners are events or organizations with which we actively collaborate and help to cross-promote initiatives.

PyCon Nove

Social Friends

We like being social! Our social friends are pages, blogs, and websites that actively help us in promoting our initiatives.

Il Generale Cluster

Special thanks

The following people have actively contributed with donations to our events and are forever enshrined in our special thank you list!

-- Giorgia Cioccoloni (AISBLOOD co-founder) --
-- Norman Di Palo (Gaia co-founder, Student @ Sapienza) --