Machine Learning Meetup - Rome


The Rome Meetup was born in December 2016 with the aims of helping developers approach machine learning, connect people that work in the field, and provide an hub to spread ideas and events. With the support of Codemotion, LUISS EnLabs and several occasional sponsors, we organize monthly events with speakers from any background, from professors to managers, students, developers from several companies, and much more.

You can find us on Meetup, SlideShare, GitHub, and Facebook.

Past events

Below you can find a full list of the speakers we had at our past events. If you missed one, be sure to check out the slides and the codes! Most of the material here is in Italian.

February 2017 - Meetup Introduttivo

AI for business: Capire l'opportunità (Gianluca Mauro, AI Academy) - [SlideShare]

Serverless Data Architecture at scale on Google Cloud Platform (Lorenzo Ridi, Noovle) - [SlideShare]

March 2017

Algoritmi di apprendimento dinamico applicati allo sviluppo software (Marco Menichelli, XSense)

H20 - Sete di machine learning (Gabriele Nocco, IAML Co-Founder) - [SlideShare]

May 2017

Deep learning e computer vision (Francesco Pugliese, ISTAT) - [SlideShare]

Vettori e parole: l'algebra del significato (Paolo Caressa, Codin) - [SlideShare] [Reveal.js version]

May 2017 /2 - Get Started with Deep Learning using Intel Tools

This Meetup was officially sponsored by BeMyApp and Intel.

Get Started with Deep Learning using Intel Tools (Mustafa Aldemir, Intel)

July 2017 - Deep RL & General AI

Presentazione General AI Challenge (GoodAI)

Introduzione al deep reinforcement learning (Simone Totaro) - [SlideShare]

September 2017

Quando le reti neurali inventano: tre esempi in TensorFlow (Simone Scardapane, IAML Co-Founder) - [] [GitHub demos]

Fuzzy Memory (Alberto Tono, BIMon)

October 2017 - Elasticsearch & Compre{n|s}sione

Compre{n|s}sione (Paolo Caressa, Codin) - [Reveal.js]

Anomaly Detection in ElasticSearch (Nicola Pagni, Seacom) - [SlideShare]

November 2017 - BabelNet & Economy

This Meetup was officially sponsored by BeMyApp and Intel.

Economic implications of Machine learning (Fabio Pelosin, Discontinuity) [SlideShare]

Enabling multilingual text analytics with BabelNet (Roberto Navigli, Sapienza) - [SlideShare]

December 2017 - Dal Vaticano ad Amazon!

Raiders of the lost review (Sara Di Bartolomeo) [Jupyter notebook on GitHub]

In Codice Ratio: deep learning applicato a documenti storici (Elena Nieddu, Roma Tre) - [SlideShare]

January 2018 - KNIME & VR!

Your flight is boarding now (Vincenzo Tursi, KNIME) - [SlideShare]

Realtà Virtuale e Machine Learning (Enrico Speranza, SPVR Roma) - [SlideShare]

Introduzione a Unity Machine Learning (Gianluca Bombini, Oniride) - [SlideShare] - [GitHub demo forked from Unity]